Planning ahead is better than trying to fix it later

Upgrade For The Next Level Of Intelligence


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Now how many times have we heard that?  More than we can remember right?!

What about things that are not broke but still need upgrading?

How many times do you receive notifications about your phone, computer, or apps needing to be upgrading?  Are those things broke?  More than likely not, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be upgraded to handle the next wave of intelligence coming through.  Or even to better handle things that are already in place.

Processing systems are things we need in our lives to give us the full quality of the quantity we already contain or possess.  For instance, you’ve already graduated college with a Master’s degree.  You land a job that pays more than average.  You run the department, and have a since of stability.  You come across a trend in the business where the demand is so much greater than it’s been in the past.  There are more prospects being hired that could fill your position easily.  Some of them, although they have much less experience than you, are hired with a higher position than yours.  What do you do?

Some people get jittery with a feeling they will no longer be needed.  So they tend to sabotage the presence of the new colleagues and lose focus of why they were hired in the first place.  Most in general, companies still have you in place because of the value you are to the company.  Why not see the value in yourself and upgrade yourself?

  • Go back to school – you don’t have to necessarily go back to a traditional college to upgrade.  Their are so many online independent schools with no accreditation, such as Udemy,  that can fulfill the need of knowledge you can obtain to make you more of an asset than a liability to the workforce.
  • YouTube – there is a wealth of knowledge you can look up and receive great sessions from people who do what you do but can give you a competitive edge without spending so much money to get it.  As a matter of fact, it’s free!
  • Google – there is a saying that, “Google is your friend.”  Google can show you pretty much anything you need information on how to o things a little better than you have been doing.

Being proactive in updating yourself has a lot more benefits than murmuring, complaining, and trying to sabotage someone else.

What are you doing to upgrade yourself to handle the next wave of intelligence?  Comment below.


Much love,



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