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Feminine Energy Meet

FEM meet 2

Here I am with the lovely host, Gisele.

I met a beautiful soul (Gisele) at one of my husband’s lectures last summer.  We’ve been connected ever since.  She’s had within her, for sometime, to do something about having a platform for women coming together to build.  Being the extrovert of the two (hee hee), I pushed her until she got it done.  So glad we worked together because it turned out being a wonderful gathering.  There were beautiful souls attending with much to share.  Children were more than welcomed.  They shared also.  All  women were either business owners or endowed with great information to share with those of us who are.  The journey of this meet was a sweet ride.  The South Cove County Park was the perfect location for the gathering.  Looking forward to working with Gisele again.  We have already talked about how we are going to revamp the meet to do more activities the next time.  Until then, I’ll introduce you to some of the other ladies and our special guest.




In the photos above, I’m utilizing my public speaking skills while opening with a poem I penned, “Empower the Queen”.



FEM meet 10

Shannon Richards, Author of “Her Unseen Life”.

Shannon Richards, Author of “Her Unseen Life”, gave words of inspiration to uplift you out of a mode of low self-esteem and self pity to being a woman of great esteem and living life to your fullest no matter the course you were set to take.  Her testimony of living without both her parents and being the sound woman she is today added to our energy giving us the boost we needed to get started.  Shannon is set to speak at a conference for teens and young adult women September 9, 2017.  For more info about her book or to support her at the conference, you may contact her at:







FEM meet 1

Tamika Watson, Owner of Her Love Clothing, and her spokesperson showcasing one of her jumpers.

Tamika Watson and her spokesperson showcased a clothing line envisioned by Tamika.  Tamika also iterated how she overcame low self-esteem of being different from others.  Tamika started a clothing line to assist other females as she share her story with them.  For more info and to view Tamika’s clothing line, you may contact her at:








FEM meet 3

Shawna L. Cohen, Owner of Waistbeads By Unique

Shawna L. Cohen, former RN now full-time entrepreneur, shared her vision of love she was gifted to spread her custom made beaded jewelry.  Shawna has incorporated her gift of love synonymously with her jewelry to heal, guide, and raise self-esteem.  For more info about her work, you may contact her at:








FEM meet 11

Osei Kufuor, Author, Metaphysician, Lecturer.

Of course this post would not be complete without mentioning King Osei Kufuor was present speaking while the ladies assembled their handiwork to illustrate their part of existence in the Universe.  Osei commanded the floor as Q&A commenced.  For more info on his work and to invite him to do lectures, you may contact him at:




The fellowship and building was awesome  Looking forward to the next meet.

Much love,



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