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Benefits of Meditation

Every night before closing my eyes, I do a checklist of all my activities that occurred that


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day.  I do this as I meditate myself to sleep.

Meditating myself to sleep supports my mind closing down for the night so it won’t ruminate on the things that could have been done better or differently.  If you’re like me, you think of at least 10+ other ways you could have done something better and skip out of sleep as you do so.  Now that you know why you’re still so drained in the morning, you can do something about it.  One of those ways (one of my favorites) is by meditating.



The benefits of meditation are:

  • Relieve stress – Now how does this help if I’m doing a checklist of my activities at night?  Whatever wasn’t completed or not done well, I put it into a incomplete file in my mind to take care of when I meditate again in the morning (another post for another day).  Yes, I meditate as often as I can.  I have a very active mind.
  • Enhances self-esteem and self- awareness – You can talk to yourself and let yourself know that although you didn’t complete your assignment, there is always another day.  It enables you to be your own Life Coach.  Don’t exert yourself with trying to complete so many things in a day that you stress yourself out of a peaceful state.
  • Improves your ability to work under stress – My background is in Sociology and Psychology, so the events I experience happen with many crises.  Meditation helps  to relieve the anxieties that could result if I did not take the time to take care of my mental state as I go to sleep.

These are just a few benefits I experience as I meditate going to sleep.  If there are more that benefit you, share below in the comments.  We would love to hear from you.

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2 responses

  1. Stress and self-awareness are definitely benefits that I’ve felt through meditation. For me, there has been a sense of stability that has come through consistently meditating (even 10 minutes) every day. I also wrote a similar post here on my blog!

    June 14, 2017 at 12:04 pm

  2. 10 minutes a day is always good. It’s almost my favorite part of the day. Thanks for responding and look forward to reading your post soon.

    June 18, 2017 at 6:35 pm

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