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Exercise Your Brain – Not Your Devices

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Growing up, we weren’t allowed to watch TV everyday.
We were encouraged to exercise our brain because if you left it idling, trouble was sure to come.

After I got older, and started investigating the matter myself as a teen, I inner stood more what they (older family members) were talking about.

People who watched more TV had a much slower processing time to think creatively, less common sense, and a more delayed response time as they supposedly interacted with others than those with fewer to no TV time.


Each listing on the set is called a program…….. And that’s exactly what is happening.

This goes further than TV.

Our cell phones have programmed us so much because you can do just about everything (including work and stream movies) while you’re on it.

They’re called electron(ics) for a reason.


What if the longer you are on your electronic devices the more positive frequencies from your DNA is being transmitted to the so called powers that be (for whatever they choose to use it for) as they are transmitting negative frequencies back to you simultaneously?

Your eyes aren’t called the windows to your soul for nothing.

The next time you’re around someone with a lot of ailments, silently investigate how much TV or “electronics” time they get per day.

Take care in how much time you spend on electronics to pass time than to allow your mind to naturally recall your events or things you could imagine happening that could possibly end up as a business venture.


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