Planning ahead is better than trying to fix it later

Proactive vs Reactive

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first post of Granny’s revised blog formerly known as Be Wise and Know.  So many challenges and obstacles took place since the last we spent time together.  Nevertheless, we are back in stride again……YYAAAAYYYY!!!!!

This first post is in memory of shedding some things in my life that was a result of me


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being reactive as opposed to being proactive.

I was always a fan of planning ahead rather than waiting until something happens before making moves.  The last couple of years, I decided to put things to the test and see what all the rave was about doing just the opposite.


As it turns out, proactive measures work out so much better in almost every circumstance than being reactive.  Being proactive is making plans for things to come for a better outcome.  Being reactive is waiting for things to happen first than try to make a plan to get out of the hole you just fell into.

Of course there are times when being reactive will have its shine.  For example, someone’s child not cooperating with good choices for safety reasons as you view them attempting to get the groceries in the car and keep the child safe at the same time.  You may offer a hand in watching the groceries making sure the cart isn’t rolling away while they take care of getting the child in the car where it is much safer or them while in very busy public.

For most every other area in our lives, being proactive will prove to be better.  Planning ahead to make car or house payments on time whether you have all the money or not by calling the loan company and filling them in on what they need to know as far as what you can do as far as payments so that you will not get a bad ding by not saying anything to them at all.  More often than enough, they have options to support you staying ahead of the game instead of always you looking forward to repossession.

The worse you can do, is not do anything until things pile up.  The less you do or say with these companies, the worse things get.  Always call them and you set the limits of what you can do.  Don’t let them set them for you.  Always ask for options of how you can get extensions and other ways of helping you to remain in good standing with the company.

This is just one tip I have for you today on being proactive vs reactive.  Tune in on next Wednesday for another tip.  See you soon.





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