Planning ahead is better than trying to fix it later

How Getting Off My Kaboodlewaddle Helped Me With My Finances


I bought this here good book the day it was launched on Amazon. Let’s just say instead of it just being a good read, it’s also the bomb thinkbook/ponderbook/get off your “kaboodlewaddle” and do something about those finances NOW workbook.

So that’s what I’ve been doing the last few months. Since launch day, I’ve been getting off my “kaboodlewaddle” and doing something about these here finances that had “POVERTY POOKY” written all over it

I worked hard searching for the reasons/EXCUSES why my finances were the way they have been since childhood. By continually asking myself “why” every time I dug up a reason/EXCUSE, I was able to get rid of all the stinkin’ thinkin’ I accumulated over the years. Once I figured them out, I immediately got to work. I had to go back over Section 1 for a while so I could get some “get right” Patrice was talking about in the book to change my mind about “my life with money”. I absolutely refused to move on into the book until the foundation was laid so I wouldn’t have to deal with “POVERTY POOKY” anymore – EVER!!!!!!

Section 1

Section 1

Last night, I realized I was able to graduate to Section 2 of the book – FINALLY!!!! The groundwork has been done. Now it’s time to live out Section 2 and earn more money – THIS HERE YEAR!!!!! GLORY!!!!!

Section 2

Section 2

Finally graduated so I can earn, keep, recycle, and invest the wealth God created me to use for His glory. Happy, Happy, Happy is little ol me

Now carry on chilluns and have a marvelous day!

Much love,



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