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Celebrating Small Businesses: Ladies Making Moves

Are we still honoring small businesses for National Small Business Week?  Granny is.  I have another great one for you:  Ladies Making Moves (LMM).  Starting as a Facebook group, Ladies Making Moves has developed into a company congregating women in business and music to empower one another through networking online.  LMM celebrates women in the underground music industry, small business owners, actresses, models, radio show hosts, and more.

Photo courtesy of Ladies Making Moves

Photo courtesy of Ladies Making Moves


The owner of Ladies Making Moves is Charita Lightner.  This young lady captivated Granny as an online friend through another closed Facebook group.  Charita began networking and connecting with other women immediately.  She continues encouraging them and pushing the ladies to their greatness whenever engaging with them.  I was so excited about following her business moves that I joined her Facebook group and encouraging other women to do the same.

Photo courtesy of Ladies Making Moves

Photo courtesy Charita of Ladies Making Moves

Ladies, if you’re looking for a great collection of other women in music and business to connect with, join us on the LMM Facebook group.

Much success to Charita and Ladies Making Moves as they continue to empower women to connect and build each other.

Much love,


Help me celebrate Charita and Ladies Making Moves by visiting their sites:

Ladies Making Moves website:



Ladies Making Moves Facebook group:   (open to ladies only)


Are you connected to a company that network well and cause great things to happen for others as LMM does?  Share with us in comments below.

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