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Celebrating Small Businesses: Breath of Life Daily

Hello everyone!  Granny here!!

It’s National Small Business Week and I am so elated to celebrate some of the most awesome businesses I am connected to.  I believe it is important to appreciate those who assist not only you, but the community they reside in.  Therefore, Be Wise and Know will celebrate a few businesses the remainder of the work week.


Photo courtesy of Breath of Life Daily magazine

Breath of Life Daily (BOLD) is an online journal with a mission to empower, educate, and engage you to inspire others either through positive and divine words of wisdom and by way of personal testimony.  BOLD also serves as a source of divine news and inspiration around the globe.  The creator of BOLD magazine, April D. Byrd is a phenomenal and inspiring young woman that is the perfect fit for the magazine she created.  Always with a word of wisdom and inspiring testimonial to share, she has engaged the heart strings of others to do the same around the world.


Photo courtesy of April D. Byrd, Writer and Creator of Breath of Life Daily (BOLD) magazine

Breath of Life Daily is the first magazine to solicit Granny to publish her work and testimony, and for this, I am truly grateful.  Much success to you April and Breath of Life Daily (BOLD) magazine.  It is with great joy Be Wise and Know celebrate you this week.

Much love,


Help me celebrate April and the BOLD magazine by visiting her sites listed below:


Breath of Life Daily magazine:



Is there a business you’re connected to that inspire you daily?  Share with us in comments below.

Another great post about April can be found here.

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