Planning ahead is better than trying to fix it later

Clean It Up Granny

Last week, I told you how so many responsibilities bogged me down, how I was feeling burned out, and how the purpose and passion was not as evident that I knew I needed to take action if I wanted to survive.  So I attended the Spark & Hustle event in DC that gave me the direction and soul/business revival Granny needed.

When you lose the purpose and passion for your existence, you begin making unhealthy, unwise decisions for your life not to mention your business.  The result from doing so can be catastrophic on your finances in either case. An unwise decision I made caused a problem to be worse than if I had taken care of the situation.  I allowed a couple of boxes of papers that needed to be sorted through, filed, and unwanted papers shredded build to eight boxes.  Once I got back from the event, I knew it was time to clean it up.  I was in good spirits doing so until I came upon a couple of boxes that where so overweight with papers that the boxes gave way causing this


Little did I know that two of the boxes would be so problematic with being overweight they would bust causing a mess.  Had I known, I would have taken care of the situation before it got to this point.  Needless to say, Granny had a bigger mess to clean up with the eight boxes than if she had taken care of it when it was just two.

I’m all done now.  My house is in order and so are my papers.  So glad I did not allow the problem to get beyond the eight boxes.  Who knows how bad it would have gotten if I continued to allow it to grow.  It is very important to never let a problem sit and fester.  You can end up with a much bigger problem than you expected.

Much love,


Have you ever prolonged dealing with a situation that it got out of hand?  Have you rectified the situation?  Did things get better once you dealt with it?  If you care to share, leave comments below.

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