Planning ahead is better than trying to fix it later

Debt Cancellation Challenge – Soul Revival/Business Revival

Hello everyone!  Granny here!!  It’s great being back with you after a long hiatus.

Ever get to the point where you are so bogged down with your responsibilities you begin to burn out and ask yourself, “I’m going through all this for what?…”  Granny got to that place and decided action was needed if she wanted to survive.spark and hustle 2

Last week, I attended an event called Spark & Hustle hosted by Tory Johnson of Good Morning America per advisement of Vernetta of Women are Gamechangers (featured in last post).  So glad I heeded her advisement.  This event was the anecdote Granny needed to get her back on track.  My purpose for attending this event was for direction and something that would give Granny that renewal of spirit.  I received that and more.

The facilitators were beautiful, powerful, and confident they were able to assist you into being the better you.  Boy did I meet some wonderful new connections while there.  So glad I read How to Make Strong Gamechanger Connections by Vernetta Freeney before going to the event.  The book explained how best to make and keep the greatest connections for your business.  I believe the connections made with the women in the DMV are for a lifetime:  Curvy CEO, Lisa Nelson, Saralyn Collins, Next Brides.  Of course I met with many more, but I spoke with these beautiful people more than anyone else.

So what does this have to do with the Debt Cancellation Challenge?  Plenty if you ask Granny.  When you lose the purpose and passion for your existence, you begin making unhealthy, unwise decisions for your life not to mention your business.  The result from doing so can be catastrophic on your finances in either case.

I learned from the event of telling the story.  Granny hasn’t done well doing this with you.  Within the next few weeks, I’ll begin sharing my story with you how I became Elegant Granny and the purpose for her existence.

From being in a mundane stupor to being revived, Granny has certainly gotten her perspective in check.  I strongly suggest going to at least 2 events a year to keep your soul and business revived.  It has done wonders for a Granny.  I believe it will do the same for you as well.

Much love,


Have you ever felt the same way Granny did and something came along to revive and restore you back    to what you were intended to do?  Share with us in the comment section.

**Stay tuned next week when Granny explains the Aha moment gained from the boxes of paper shared on instagram:**

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