Planning ahead is better than trying to fix it later

Become the CEO of Your Life

This summer, I went to a Natural Hair, Beauty, and Health Expo hosted by Twisted Sistas.  While there, I met Author Marcia A. Paige of You Don’t Need a Budget: You Need a Plan!  Marcia is also Founder of Stilettos & Stacks; a Facebook group empowering women to become CEOs of their finances, families, and fortunes.

Author Marcia A. Paige

Author Marcia A. Paige

The meeting was phenomenal.  During her session in the workshop, she discussed with us how important it was to have a plan for our lives.

I was going to post a review on the book thinking I would finish in a week or two.  It’s taking me a lot longer.  Marcia didn’t just write a book, she supplied us a workbook to work through the directives in our lives.  Although the book only has nine chapters, since August, I’m still on chapter four.  Not because I stopped reading, but because it takes time to apply the directives.  This book is valuable because it causes you to deal with the way you think about yourself first. When you see YOU in a better light, you are able to see everything else in your life in a positive manner and handle them correctly.

Not sure how long it will take for me to finish getting through this book, but it is well worth the journey.  As soon as I finish reading, I will definitely do a review.

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What books have you read lately?  Have they led you to make necessary changes in your life?  Leave comments below.

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