Planning ahead is better than trying to fix it later

Gifts (Given or Received)

My Grandfather

Wisdom and Knowledge are the best friends you will ever have ~Elegant Granny

The greatest gifts I ever received were wisdom and knowledge.  Growing up as a child, I use to sit by my Grandfather (I was a Papa’s baby) and hang onto his every word.  As I got older, I understood a lot of things he was trying to tell me.  He often talked about how to handle things when I became older or in a certain relationship (be it personal or business).

The knowledge he provided me stays with me to this day.  As I operate with wisdom in my daily walk, I often hear my Grandfather’s voice reminding me what he told me.  Although he only had a third grade education, he gave me more than what I needed to assist me in my adulthood.  The wisdom and knowledge he shared with me is worth more to me than if he were to leave me an inheritance of money.

As Granddaddy has left a heritage of wisdom and knowledge, I also choose to leave a heritage of wisdom and knowledge with people I come in contact with.  Being someone who has come from a single parent home, abuse, heavy ladened with debt, and sickness, I understand very well what it is to want to get out of those situations and coming out as the victor and not the victim.

For those who are looking at their situation(s) with a yearning in their spirit for a better life, walk it out.  Being still will only keep you in the present while remembering the past.  While that yearning is stirred up, make plans for the better life you envision yourself with.  Write it down.  Take each plan and make smaller goals so you will not be easily discouraged.  As you accomplish each goal, take the time to celebrate it.  Doing so will create leverage for you to triumph the next goal with greater ease.

Meet you on the side of victory!!!

Much love,


What are the greatest gifts you ever received or given?  Leave a comment below.

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