Planning ahead is better than trying to fix it later

Corporate Social Responsibility

Placing myself as an advocate for my community, I strongly agree that businesses should engage in corporate social responsibility.  There are benefits for both the business and the community:  the business will have a positive public image, and the community will have someone/something they can believe in to assist them in their growth into a better life, just to name a couple.

As a business involves itself with the community, they are enabling the community to learn and better themselves through the knowledge and experiences given through the company along with their own experiences.  There are plenty of individuals in the community who are great at living their life.  Often times, they need more assistance growing into a better life, such as, dealing with finances, developing interviewing skills, networking skills, etc…

From my experience, I have connected with a few businesses that have helped me to become a better me.  I am so grateful to this day that we met.  Because of them, I have learned to deal with my finances better, gotten out of debt quicker, received quality education, and started my own business.  The result of the person I have become can be found at the following link of a company I guest write for sometimes.  It’s always great when you are able to share your knowledge to enhance the quality of your community.  Otherwise, why be in business?

Much love,


There is also a power point presentation I did for class how Corporate Social Responsibility impacted my life in the following link:

Business and Society – Corporate Social Responsibility

How is your business making an impact in your community?  Leave a response in the comment section.

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