Planning ahead is better than trying to fix it later

Embracing Failure

Embracing failure is the beginning of embracing success ~ Elegant Granny

Never been one to enjoy admitting when I was wrong or when I failed, but it happened.  I FAILED MISERABLY!!!   I’m over it now.  It took getting some use to my new schedule at work, business hours, grad school, etc….

My grandfather always taught me to never be afraid of failure. Learn from it, improve, and go on with your best.

Found picture of book on amazon

While in class this term, I did a book review on T. D. Jakes, “The Ten Commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment”.  Awesome read!!!  I actually forgot I had the book until the assignment was given to us.  We were specifically told to use a book we already purchased some time ago, and give a review on what it meant to us concerning Organizational Behavior.

It was the read I needed to assist me through this first term of grad school.  With the changes on the job, I became a very negative force to deal with ( not a Granny attribute at all).  I was reminded of some values as a leader that should always be in the forefront of my thinking when dealing with others.  Granny is definitely back on the right track after prayer and reading this book again.

My reasons for choosing this particular work to share with others:

  1. It’s not only applicable in the church world, but in the secular environment as well.
  2. It reminds the reader the mission why they are employed, and to remember the mission of the company they are working for.
  3. It entails how each of us, manager or subordinate, are to react in certain situations while working in a working in a hostile environment.

The Commandments, along with my comments, are listed in the book review

To read review, click on  BOOK REVIEW

Happy reading

Much love,


SN:  by the way, got an “A” on my review

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