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Happy Birthday My Little Angel

Wiggles sporting her famous smile

Today, would be the 6th birthday of my niece, Rhapsody Chez Braxton (Wiggles).  God blessed us with her at a time our family needed comfort through all we were going through.  Rhapsody expired at 6 months due to SIDS.  It was a tragic event for our family.  To this day, we still talk and laugh about the things she blessed us with in her little time on this earth.  At 6 months, Rhapsody was passionate about food, music and dancing, and the people that came into her presence.  There was never a person that came into contact with her that did not receive comfort from this little angel sent to us.  The pictures shown, were taken a week before she expired.

My fondest memory, is while holding her during worship service on Sunday morning, she was the main supporter of the Pastor.  Always trying to assist him preaching.

Another event, was her always fighting me for my food.  And giving me this, ‘but it’s for me’ look. Oh how we miss her.

If you know of anyone who has lost a loved one to SIDS, support them greatly.  You never know what could take place as a filler of such a great void.

After Rhapsody’s death, I wrote a paper on SIDS for my Psychology class.  You may view it by clicking wherever you see the word SIDS.

RIP Wiggles, we love you so much,

Granny  aka  “AunTee”

Following family tradition with the hat

Wiggles and Nah Nah

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