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Honoring Cousin Westley

Photo courtesy of Westley Johnson

Growing up, I not only learned how large my family was, but how we did the same things differently.  Like the way we choose to honor God.  There are so many denominations practiced in my family (Pentecostal, Baptist, Jehovah Witness, etc.).  Today, I choose to honor a cousin for his birthday.  His name is Westley.

Cousin Westley is a Jehovah Witness.  He does not practice celebrating in the same manner we do.  However, he has asked a special request from his friends and family to honor him on his birthday.  Westley has asked that we post a bible scripture on his Facebook wall and explain what it means to us.  I decided to post one using the blog.

Proverbs 2: 2-8  —–> This passage of scripture talks about how wisdom and knowledge are very important to ones life.  It asks us to listen attentively to wisdom, and to favor knowledge.  When we do this, we will be able to walk with integrity, and guard the paths of justice. Believing wisdom and knowledge can be your BFF (best friends forever), it is imperative to not make the mistake in knowing what to do and not do it.  Knowledge is knowing what to do.  Wisdom is putting the knowledge to action.

I haven’t seen Cousin Westley in many years.  I will be able to visit with him at the family reunion this year.  Recently, we have reconnected via Facebook.  We inbox one another frequently.  Most people think because I don’t always leave comments, I don’t read their status.  I read every one.  What I do know of Cousin Westley to date,  he is a man who walks with integrity, holding firm to what he believes in.  He also guards the paths of justice.  When viewing his statuses on Facebook, you will see how injustice unnerves him and he begins to take action by speaking out what he believes.

Cousin Westley, it is you I have decided to dedicate the Be Wise and Know blog to.  Always with integrity, Always guarding the paths of justice.  Enjoy your New Year Cousin on this earth.  It is a gift to us all to experience the passion you have inside you for justice for all.

Much love,

Granny  aka  Cousin Dani-Tee

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