Planning ahead is better than trying to fix it later

Staying on Course

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Never allow anyone or anything to deter you from your destiny.  It causes anger, strife, envy, disobedience to your faith, depression, hopelessness, etc.  Stay on course and don’t give up.  Once you get off course, giving up sets in.  Remember, faith is like a financial institution.  You can withdraw what you put in.  If you put in much faith, you can withdraw much faith.  If you put in little faith, you withdraw little faith.  You are closer to your destiny than you realize by living what you where called to be.

Stay focused by surrounding yourself with others that are operating in what you are trying to get to.  Learn from them.  Teach others who come to you for answers trying to get where you are now.  Just like you are trying to get where your mentor is, someone is watching and  trying to get where you are.  This is one of the reasons for assembling yourselves for strength and courage to press forward.  Granny tip:  If you continue to press forward, it makes falling backwards harder to accomplish.

Much love,


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