Planning ahead is better than trying to fix it later

Time To Make That Change

When things are changing in your life that you cannot control, don’t panic.  Immediately think about where you want to be in the future and began working on it.

Yesterday, I found out for sure what I’ve known for the last six years in my heart.  My job would come to an end.  It was announced by email, news media, and a campus meeting.  My reaction began six years ago.  I saw signs of different things happening that wasn’t saying progress for the employees.  I had been in this position four times before.  My decision was made then.  I decided to NOT come out empty-handed this time.  How?

Thinking about how to go about this, I enrolled in Business school.  I always wanted to do this and now that I saw the signs, it was time.  No one believed me when I said I saw the signs.  Their first thought was, “It will never happen.”  But I felt different in my heart.  I went on to get my Associates in Business Administration – Management finishing in 2008.  Since I was ahead of the game and had more time, I enrolled for the Bachelors program finishing in 2011.

2012 is when the announcement was finally made that my employer will close it’s doors in 2020.  WOW!!!   While some are still in disbelief and others are panicking, I am able to transition smoothly as this event takes place.  I still have time for more.  Always having a love for writing, I decided to began blogging.  Never thought about it before until a friend suggested it to me.  I LOVE IT!  I currently author three blogs, created a brand name for myself, and working to start on my MBA this year.

The time to make that change comes to us all.  Panicking would have been an awful waste of time.  I have made so much progress in six years and working on more.  What are some of the things you are doing in your life to have in place when it’s time for you to make that change to create a winning environment?   Leave a comment below if you care to share.

Much love,


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